We had a real treat last month when we were visited by Liz and Devinder, the creative team from In2cultures who specialise in multi-cultural music education. Liz and Devinder travel to care homes across the country like Cedar Lodge to deliver African music workshops. Their community efforts have been recognised at the ‘Pride of Stratford Awards’ where they have previously won Educator of the Year. 

It was the first time In2cultures had returned to Cedar Lodge since the pandemic, and the performance was brilliant. It gave residents an exciting flavour of how different cultures express themselves through music. We danced to the sound of the Shekere percussion instrument, joined in with singing (with songs sung both in English and African languages) and got into the rhythms of the Djembe drum. 

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African Drumming 3

The performance was enjoyed in particular by one of our well-travelled residents, who had toured and worked in various African countries – including a posting to Namibia. The performance equipped us with a fascinating insight into the type of music she recalled during her travels and prompted discussions with some of our staff who also shared connections with the continent – such as South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It was a wonderful afternoon of global music and we look forward to future events where we can expand our cultural horizons. 

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African Drumming 4