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At Cedar Lodge, we believe that great care starts with great staff. Each morning, a carer will likely be the first person who a resident sees. Care staff will be there throughout the day: at mealtimes, when personal care is needed, during activities and whenever a resident just fancies a chat.

So, getting the right staff. Staff with bright, sunny personalities that make your day, has always been a top priority of ours at Cedar Lodge. Fortunately, we’ve been blessed with a great team.

As you’ll read below, a lot of our care staff have been with us for ten years; with others that have worked in care for even longer.

Most live within a stone’s throw from the home or in nearby villages. We see this as a real asset. Each day, staff will bring all sorts of village news and goings-on to our residents – making them feel that they quite rightly remain at the heart of their community.

All our staff are well trained and take pride in working at Cedar Lodge. We are experts in the safe moving & handling of people, first aid, dementia awareness and infection control. Meet some of our care team, by reading their bios below…

“The dedicated caring team demonstrate an exceptional duty of care, combined with the blend of their individual skills and personalities, provides an atmosphere which you would find in your own home amongst family and friends”.

– Son of Resident

Rupert & Victoria

Rupert and Victoria manage Cedar Lodge. Brother and sister, they make a winning duo.

Rupert started as a care assistant at a local home, before working his way up to become manager of Cedar Lodge in 2015.

Rupert’s our jack-of-all trades. If you visit the care home, you could find him working in the office, chatting with residents, or putting down new carpets; there’s not a task to which he won’t lend some expertise. Rupert’s easy to spot too; he’s very tall !

In contrast, Victoria hails from a hospitality background. In 2018, she decided to join the family business and has never looked back. She now uses her experience in customer service to head up the home’s liaison with all our residents, doctors, nurses, dentists and opticians.

Both siblings live and breathe care. In many ways, they’ve been doing so their whole lives. Grandmother, Sue, used to run a care home; as did their mum, Sally, who progressed from a care home chef to a manager. Dad, Mark, also works in the sector; where he brokers finance for UK care businesses.

Rupert and Victoria feel strongly about providing the best quality care for every individual who’s made Cedar Lodge their home. Moreover, they’ve got the qualifications  to back it up. Both hold an NVQ Level 5 in Health & Social Care. Rupert also holds a Degree in Dementia Studies.

Cedar Lodge is a small home and as managers, Rupert and Victoria love how this gives them the opportunity to be hands-on with the needs of every resident.

If you or a loved one is considering care, Rupert and Victoria would be delighted to help. You can call them today on 01386 293 033 .


Zoey is from Stratford-Upon-Avon. She’s come to us with heaps of experience as part of the management team at an independent living facility for the elderly, where she worked for 13 years.

Zoey loves to be super organised and is a whizz with all our paperwork at Cedar Lodge. Naturally drawn to care, Zoey is an empathic and gentle soul who loves taking time out of her day to talk to our residents and make sure they’re getting the most out of their time with us.

Outside of work, Zoey is a full-time mum and an active spirit, who enjoys going to the gym. On sunny days you can find her paddle boarding.


Jess has worked at Cedar Lodge for the past 5 years.

She is also a trained hairdresser and puts her skills to good use by acting as the in-house stylist to all our residents. One of Jess’ most admirable qualities is her love of learning. She has achieved her NVQ Level 3 in Health & Social Care and is well on her way to completing her Level 4!

When her heads are not in the books, you’ll find Jess busy behind the scenes making sure everything runs ship shape at Cedar Lodge. She keeps on top of our fire safety, care plans and medication – she’s a true superstar.


Sue has been with us at Cedar Lodge for 7 years. However, her career in the industry spans much longer.

She’ll soon be celebrating a whopping 30 years of working in care !

Sue has worked across the full range of care services. Domiciliary, other care homes and now with us here, at Cedar Lodge.

Sue brings her wealth of experience to the role and is Cedar Lodge’s original triple threat – caring, cooking and cleaning par excellence. She is trained on giving insulin and dressing bandages too.

Sue is known amongst the residents for the delicious pancakes that she makes every Sunday. Her favourite pancake topping is Nutella.

mark L.

Mark‘s our jack of all trades with a rich and varied career in facilities management.

He has worked as a roofer, he’s been to college to study brick laying, he’s an experienced carpenter, and for the past 12 years he has run his own successful maintenance business. How does he find the time!

Mark is a friendly chap who is always willing to lend a helping hand where needed around the home.

When not at work, you’ll find Mark up and down the country on fishing trips with his son.


Lisa first joined Cedar Lodge 3 years ago. And after taking some time off to work in a primary school, she returned to us earlier this spring to help during the pandemic.

We’re thrilled that Lisa has now decided to make the move back to us long term.

As when it comes to care, Lisa is a real bank of knowledge. In a former life, she even ran a care home.

Nowadays, she uses all these skills to oversee the onboarding of new staff who join Cedar Lodge.

Lisa is Yorkshire born and bred. And while she now lives in Offenham, she is still passionate about her Yorkshire puddings, which she makes from scratch for our residents.



An interesting fact about Betty is that she’s a trained phlebotomist. For all us non-medics, this means she can safely extract blood when a hospital needs to run a test.

Betty is a wonderful carer. She carries out her work to an impeccable standard.

She is also our infection control officer – a role that she’s gained during the pandemic.

Like her fellow colleagues, Betty also helps with insulin injections, our regular Covid tests and provides skin dressings for those residents who need them.

Betty lives in Evesham and has been a valuable member of the Cedar Lodge team for 2 years.


Tina’s been a member of the Cedar Lodge team for ten years – but has worked in care for twenty.

Starting off caring and cooking, nowadays you’ll find Tina working away in the kitchen – which is where her talents really shine.

On top of making a tasty Tiramisu, Tina holds the title of Pastry Queen – her pies are perfection. Her specialities for residents include chicken pie and home-made mince pies at Christmas.

Alongside her role at Cedar Lodge, Tina is an active member of our local community, operating a childcare business in nearby Sedgeberrow.


Anita has worked at Cedar Lodge for twenty years.

She has cared for our residents under every owner and holds the record for our longest serving team member.

What’s more, in this time she has worked every shift available at the home: days, nights, activities, cleaning and cooking. Now her skills are put to great use in the kitchen, where she works as one of our chefs part-time.

Every Wednesday she makes a fabulous roast chicken for our residents. It’s a real treat.

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