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What are the Costs?

It’s always difficult to put a price on care. And when you or a loved one is considering the move, these conversations around cost can be uncomfortable.

However, they are conversations which need to be had. At Cedar Lodge, we are upfront and honest with our prospective residents about the cost of their care.

Care isn’t cheap: nor is the system simple. However, on this page we hope to demystify the process.

Your Questions

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Why can't I find an exact price for care?

Most care homes won’t talk openly about price on their websites. In this respect, we’re a little different.

Sure, we could tell you about how great our home is. How the facilities are top class.

And that our residents are all very happy in the cosy, country-house environment we’ve created. Because they are.

And we’re sure that if we showed you round, you would fall in love with Cedar Lodge too.

But if we only reveal our prices last minute…and they’re not what you expected…then nobody profits. Your time is wasted.

We’d much rather be honest about our prices from the get-go. And educate you about who is responsible for paying your fees or those of your loved ones.

Because moving into care is a big decision. We want to give you as much information as you need to make the right choice.

At Cedar Lodge, we’re not the cheapest care home on the market. Nor would we want to be. We’re proud of the quality service we provide. However, this comes at a price – much like running your own home – but with the cost of care staff, training, compliance and so much more included.

We therefore charge for our service appropriately.

But neither is our home the most expensive. Our prices are influenced by a variety of factors which we explore further below.

What are our Care Home Prices?

Across the country, prices for care run typically from £600 per week to £2,000 per week. Prices tend to be influenced by the size and facilities of the home.

So if you’re after a care home with plenty of glitz – think in-house cinemas, dedicated hair salons, vast sitting rooms – then the price tag for such services will veer close to this upper limit.

The type of care required will also affect the level of staffing needed to care for a resident. Again, this affects the fees charged.

Even within the same care home, most residents will pay slightly different fees to reflect a variety of factors. These include:

1. Room type
Larger rooms, on the ground floor or with garden access will all command higher premiums.

2. Care needs

Homes will factor in how many staff they need on hand to care for you safely.
If your needs are anticipated to be complex, homes will typically raise fees to cover increased staffing ratios.

3. Who pays your fees
If you have savings and assets of more than £23,000, you will be responsible for paying your own care fees.

However, when you drop below this figure, you can apply for state aid to cover your costs.

Sadly, we have seen some care homes ask residents to leave when private money runs out. Here at Cedar Lodge, we have never asked anyone to leave based on their ability to pay.

At Cedar Lodge, the majority of our residents are privately funded.

Our fees typically range from £975 per week to £1250 per week.

This is based mainly upon the care needs of the individual.

However, room type can also have a bearing. So whether that’s a grand double-sized period suite with a chandelier or a more cozy, yet spacious modern bedroom.

In line with the industry, our fees will often rise marginally each year to reflect inflation and other increased costs associated with running the home.

To speak with our team about the cost of rooms we have available, call us today on 01386 293 033 .

What do care fees pay for?

By far the biggest cost faced by a care home is the wage bill of its staff.  A large portion of your care fees will be used to pay for this cost. We make no apology for this.

Having the right staff, in enough numbers, on site 24/7 to provide care for you or your loved one is critical to our quality service.

At Cedar Lodge, we want enough staff to care for your needs. And we’re proud of the low staff turnover our care home enjoys.

Most of our team live locally in the surrounding villages and have been with us for many years.

You can read more about our staff by clicking here.

Food & Drink
We provide three meals a day for each of our residents along with any snacks or refreshments they fancy. We always offer a choice of meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sample our menus, to learn more about the dishes our chefs prepare on a daily basis.

Building Maintenance, Cleaning & Utilities
Cedar Lodge is a beautiful Georgian property. To ensure the building looks its best, we undertake regular upkeep of our rooms, corridors and manicured gardens.

We take pride in our appearance. Funds are invested back into the development of the home so that we keep our residents in top notch surroundings.

As expected, cleaning is ongoing. And of course, no expense is spared on heating, cooling fans and other utilities to ensure our residents’ comfort.

Care fees also fund a host of other charges like regular entertainment and activities which enrich the lives of everyone who calls Cedar Lodge home.

Who is responsible for paying the fees?

That depends. Most residents will be responsible for paying the majority – if not all – of their own care costs.

If you decide to move into Cedar Lodge, we start by asking you to pay in advance for that month at hand.

Then, moving forward, you would set up a direct debit on the first of every month. This then covers the cost of that month’s upcoming care.

If you have assets under £23,000, you could be eligible for state support too.

If this is the case, we recommend you get in touch with your local authority who will ‘means test’ your case. They will advise how much support they’re willing to give.

It’s important that you contact your local authority before you make a firm commitment to a care home.

As while the state may cover the majority of your care costs, this support comes with strings. In short, your local authority will make a choice on the home or homes in which you’re eligible to receive care.

They are not able to offer every person their first preference.

Attendance Allowance 

If you or a loved one is moving into care, you may otherwise be eligible for the government’s attendance allowance.

An attendance allowance is a weekly sum paid to individuals that privately fund their care.

There are two rates of support. Depending on your needs, you could be awarded £68.10 or £101.75 a week.

Importantly, the support is not means tested. You instead qualify by meeting certain disability thresholds which are set out in the application.

You can learn more about the attendance allowance by visiting the government’s official webpage.

The application is known to be tricky. So, unless you have an intricate knowledge of the claimant’s needs, most people tend to wait several weeks after being in care before filling out the forms

In such a scenario, we are more than happy to lend a hand with the paperwork.

What if your savings start to run low?

At Cedar Lodge, we like to focus on continuity of care.

So, if you find that your money is running out…firstly, do not panic.

1-2 months before you anticipate no longer being able to pay, we sit down with you and the local authority. In our chat, we will work to find a solution that’s in the best interests for everyone.

Often, this involves the state stepping in to help cover the fees. And if it remains in your best interest, we will always fight for you to stay at Cedar Lodge – regardless of your ability to pay.

But whatever the outcome, rest assured that no decision surrounding you or your loved one’s care will be taken rashly. Or without your due consultation.

Yes, it’s important to be upfront on money matters. But we’re still a care home, not a bank. Meaning the welfare of our residents will always be our first priority.

We hope this has helped.

If you would like more information on the cost of care or on how to get support with care fees, we recommend you visit Age UK. It’s a great website to explore and provides a lot of helpful insights.

And finally, to check the price of rooms we have available – don’t hesitate to call Rupert today on
01386 293 033 .

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